Resort 2023

Inspired by the organic flow created by the branches of the Tree of Life, the Mary Katrantzou Resort 2023 Collection features enamel orchids, psychedelic monkeys and crystal surrealist bows perched amongst the watercolour foliage.

A patchwork of Trompe L’oeil sequins are bordered by the flow of organic lines, creating a camouflage between jewelled elements and their sequin illusion backdrop. Detailed embroideries and multicoloured floral motifs shape the feminine silhouette in the flattering and contouring ways. The Tree of Life branches take on a playful Surrealistic Swirl illusion. Elegant, streamlined silhouettes are enhanced with crystal necklines, contrasting the photorealistic enamel floral brooches. Chinoiserie Clouds drift across pleats to create dramatic movement in rich ombre tones of amethyst, aquamarine and emerald which are given metallic finishes.

Combining modern elegance with high shine embroidery, the intricate Gold and Sapphire or Emerald and Rose toned lines of the Sunray Starburst decorate luxurious ball gowns and elegant cocktail options, immersing the wearer in high octane glamour.