For the Moncler M collaboration, Mary Katrantzou took inspiration from the duality found between the interiors of a classic sports car and those of a gypsy caravan. The collection looks into the luxury and modernity of a classic car but
also allows the wearer to experience the highly decorative interiors of a caravan and their exceptional workmanship and hand craft.

Silhouettes were inspired by the sculptural shapes of Katrantzou's AW12 collection and the research on car interiors. The approach was to design the silhouettes of the collection in a similar way to the process of designing a car interior; utilizing curved lines and contours that embrace and accentuate the human form. The chiffon gowns of Katrantzou's AW12 show are converted into ultralight nylon coats, allowing the experience of wearing a ball-gown to become an everyday possibility and the sculptural silhouettes mimic the shape of a car seat, capitalizing on the versatility of the down jacket.

Katrantzou also worked on bespoke brocades for this collaboration, which combine the exceptional technical abilities of Moncler with a hand crafted artisan textile. Bringing together the technical expertise of Moncler and the iconic nature of the down jacket with the artistry of Katrantzou's prints and silhouettes, this collection goes from daywear to evening, showcasing the wearability of outerwear combining its pragmatic nature with the craftsmanship of these pieces.

Mary Katrantzou quote: "I'm really happy to be working with Moncler on this collaboration. Their expertise is unparalleled and the down jacket is such an iconic piece of outerwear that the prospect of designing something around that really excited me. Outerwear is an area that we've always wanted to explore and doing that with Moncler has been a fantastic experience. We looked into sports cars and caravans for inspiration and Mr Ruffini liked the shapes in our AW12 collection, so the silhouettes were inspired by their sculptural nature. We created our own brocades, and used quilting techniques and embossing to create outerwear that is desirable and displays a workmanship that its wearer can appreciate. It's always exciting to work with a company that pushes the boundaries of what they do and Moncler helped us do that."